How to Prevent Insect Invasion in your Home 

The declining summer days are great time to ensure that your house is not inviting any insect that could infest inside. 

If you are like most individuals, you would rather not share your house with stink bugs, spiders, wasps, and other insects that frequently become more available in the fall, especially termites, cockroaches, or other pests that cause issues every day of the year. 

Luckily, pest control professionals say there is much you could do to make your house pest free. Here are some of them: 

  1. Walk around the House, Outside and Inside 

Ensure that the screens of your windows are in great condition. Look for gaps and cracks around doors and windows and in the foundation. Fill any holes with seal or utilize hardware mesh or cloth. 

  1. Examine that the Crawl Space Access Door Properly Fits 

Check other places that can provide pests shelter. This includes utility wire holes, doorjambs, dryer vents, pipes, and soffits. 

  1. Check your Landscaping 

Cut overhanging tree branches that may offer a rodent or insect a bridge to your house. Make your vegetation at least 3-feet from your house. Do not let mulch or soil to build up around your foundation. Siding must not touch mulch or soil. In addition to that, firewood must be kept away from your home.  

  1. Think about the Quality of your Housekeeping 

Pests and insects would less probably to infest if they do not see a ready supply of shelter and food. Keep the lids of the garbage can on tight and take out trash regularly. Wipe down floors, countertops, and tables after eating a meal or preparing one. Keep clothes and other stuff off your floor. Sweep away or wipe regularly spider webs. 

  1. Find and Remove the Source of any Damp Places 

For those who do not know, moisture can attract pests, especially carpenter ants and termites, which could damage the structure of your house. Remove standing water on your house to reduce or prevent mosquitoes. 

Hiring a Pest Control Service 

It is a great idea to find a good pest control company, even if you do not have an immediate pest problem. This is for you to be ready for any insect problems.  

Consider hiring periodic preventive services if you want to prevent a lot of insect issues before they get the possibility to begin. Usually, they come with assurance and could cost around $135 up to $155 for a yearly visit, $85 up to $110 for quarterly, and $45 up to $65 for monthly visit. Keep in mind that several pest control service focus or offer procedures and products that are eco-friendly.  

However, before you hire a pest control service, here are some considerations to make: 

  • Ask for their license. Check if it is current. 
  • Verify that the worker’s compensation and liability is current. 
  • Examine the reviews of their past clients, 
  • Get a written estimate, 
  • Ensure that you know all the procedures and the total cost.  

Questions to Ask When Viewing a Rental Property 

Nowadays, it’s very expensive to build a new house or buy an old one. Because of this, a lot of people choose to rent a property instead.  

When you’re planning to rent a property, one of the most important things you need to do is to view the property before you rent it.  

As a potential tenant, there’s a possibility that you will be attending at least 1-2 viewings before you’ll find the best rental property for your needs.  

When you’re looking for a property to rent in Bexhill, here are several questions to ask: 

How Should I Pay When the Rent is Due? 

Rent due dates vary, and while you would anticipate paying rent at the beginning of each month, this isn’t always the case. Thus, you will have to budget accordingly. 

You’ll also need to figure out how the landlord or property manager wants to be paid, and whether the monthly payment will be made separately or communally if you’re living with others. 

How Long is the Rental Term? 

A large percentage of tenancies are for 12 months. However, it’s still important to inquire about the length of the contract, as some landlords may only provide a six-month lease. Will the tenancy be converted to a periodic tenancy at the end of this period? Consult your landlord or agent. 

You’ll have to understand the official start date in addition to the contract length so you can arrange your move-in timetable accordingly. 

How Are the Neighbors? 

It’s been said that everyone needs excellent neighbors, and this is especially true for tenants wishing to move into a rental property. The person showing you around will most likely tell you who lives next to, above, or below the property. However, it’s a good idea to press them for more information. 

You’ll need to consider what kind of family you’ll have and how your lifestyle will affect the people around you. 

Are There Nearby Local Amenities? 

You may have located the ideal rental property. However, if the nearby amenities don’t meet your requirements, they won’t be of any use to you. Inquire about the location and what to expect from someone showing you around. Make sure they tell you about area transportation and shops, as well as any other amenities you require, such as schools, gyms, or parks. 

In addition to what the landlord, current renter, or realtor informs you about amenities, it’s a good idea to do some research of your own to double-check and corroborate what you’ve previously been told. 

Do I Have to Pay the Bills? 

It’s critical to understand whether your landlord plans to include bills in your monthly rent, as this could have a substantial impact on your monthly expenses. If the landlord asks tenants to pay their expenses, it’s a good idea to ask for an estimate of how much each one will cost so you can see if it fits into your entire budget.  

If you’ll be sharing with other renters to rent a property, you’ll also need to consider who pays the bills and how monthly payments are shared and organized. 


Tips to Save on Car Rentals 

When you plan on going for a road trip season on another country, you better prepare in advance. Car rentals are now becoming popular in travel industry especially because people don’t want to bring their own car in unfamiliar countries. Many travellers book Kitchener corporate car rentals because they think it’s more efficient. However, the cost usually goes up during the times where people most likely travel, for example, during summer season. Fortunately, we give you tips on how to save on booking rental cars.  

  1. Book the Unfamiliar Brands  

Most people book car rentals on popular agencies. Look for agencies not known to everyone because most likely they’re going to have lower costs than the mainstream agencies. You can actually get 15 to 30 percent less rental fees if you book in the brand names unfamiliar to most Americans. Look for car rental agencies in the internet like Sixt that offers discounts if you rent their Mercedes-Benz, BMWs and Volkswagens. For example, their Mercedes-C class can be rented for $40 per day compare to normal rate of $50 charge for an economy car offered by other companies.  

  1. Look for Virtual Discounts 

To save more for your trip; search for coupons and discounts on the internet. You can also type in Google the name of your prospect rental company and its coupon code. Most companies now aside from rental companies, offer virtual discounts to the members of the organizations they’re partner with. Check those websites if you’re a member.  

  1. Always Track the Rates 

There are websites that tracks the rate of car rentals. Do a deep search of the rate tracking site of the country you’re going to visit in. These websites will also allow you to book the rental and apply the discounts it found. This method will help you see if the rate changes on the date of your trip.  

  1. Avoid the Airport 

If you forgot to book before you trip, don’t book car rentals on the airport locations. Off-airport locations have cheaper rates which is approximately 30% less. For example, you might book a car rental that costs $50 per day but then you book it outside airport locations you can cut the costs to $39 per day. Imagine how many dollars you can save for a week by doing this.  

  1. Reserve the Car Longer 

This may not sound likely for you but booking the car and adding extra hours or day will lower the cost. The company will think that you’re booking in for a two-day weekend rental which has lower rates, but returning it early. For example, if you booked a car which costs $35 per day and returning it early and making it to the weekend rates, the rate will drop down by $20.  

  1. Negotiate 

We always want to book the best rate there is, but you can still negotiate with the clerk on the counter. You might be able to book a better car depending on the types of car the company has. For example, if you booked an economy car you can ask the clerk if there’s a minivan available and tell him that if there’s any, you’ll get that. You don’t have to pay for the price of minivan.  


Bathtub Refinishing Can Be Dangerous and Fatal  

In 2022, there are many bathroom trends popping up on the Internet, tempting you to do bathroom remodeling and renovations. This includes repainting, adding some bathroom fixtures, doing bathtub refinishing, and/or totally changing themes and textures. If you are planning on doing some, you may need to know this especially when you are considering having bathtub refinishing: doing so can be dangerous and fatal.   

Workers have died as a result of using harmful agents that are used for bathtub finishing. Some companies use stripping agents that contain methylene chloride which surprisingly is in a high volume in the agents they use, according to reports. Methylene chloride is a liquid that can harm the skin, eyes, liver, and heart depending on the duration and severity of the exposure. Some can even cause cancer. Thus, it is extremely hazardous when not used correctly. The NIOSH and OSHA have released a hazard alert against methylene chloride, discouraging workers and industries to use this hazardous chemical. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that can be used for its replacement.   

Bathtub refinishing is a popular service and this industry has high demands, especially in houses that need to be remodeled for future reselling. This is why, if plan on availing of this service, ensure that you choose the right company that provides reliable and safe service. Near Lubbock, there are companies that deliver premium service when it comes to Lubbock bathtub refinishing. Avoid availing of a service that is questionable.   

Bathtub refinishing is a process that involves surface restoration of your old tub fur for the purpose of improving its appearance. The process also repairs the surface’s scratches, dirt, and small damages. Most homeowners opt for this alternative than having a full bathtub replacement because the former is less costly. The only problem is that old, traditional bathtub refinishing involved the use of harmful chemicals including acids, isocyanates, and methylene chloride.   

What is methylene chloride? This colorless liquid has a sweet-smelling odor and is prominent in industrial uses such as degreasing and metal cleaning. Its use can be dangerous especially when the space has poor ventilation. Moreover, even after application, homeowners may still be exposed to the chemical after the refinishing process.   

Short exposure to this chemical may cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and irritations of the throat, skin, and eye. Long-term exposure can lead to severe illnesses and even death. As mentioned, it depends on the duration of the exposure, severity, and the body’s immune system. Some people have a higher susceptibility to the harmful effects of this chemical.   

When using this chemical, workers were advised to:  

  • minimize the use of this chemical and use the alternatives whenever possible  
  • Use safety equipment and gear to avoid direct contact or inhalation  
  • Ensure that the area is properly ventilated  
  • Leave the room immediately after the application   
  • Follow the OSHA standards such as the 29 CFR 1910.1052.   

Today, more and more companies are veering away from this traditional chemical and finding harmless alternatives. This is to ensure the workers’ and customers’ safety.