About the Johnson County Department of Corrections

About the Johnson County Department of Corrections

The Johnson County Department of Corrections has three major divisions: adult residential, juvenile detention, and adult and juvenile field services. The SARTCP involved the Adult Residential Center (ARC), in New Century, and the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC), located in the county seat, Olathe. A director oversees the DOC and program directors administer the ARC and the JDC and supervise their respective staffs.

The SARTCP had two parallel project implementation processes—one at a community confinement facility and another at a juvenile detention center. Many correctional agencies that administer community confinement or juvenile detention facilities are structured differently; adult and juvenile facilities are usually administered by different agencies. Still, the recommendations in this guide are generally applicable to community confinement facilities and juvenile detention facilities, regardless of how they are structured.

The Adult Residential Center (ARC)

The ARC is a 398-bed community confinement facility that provides a structured environment for adult male and female offenders who are ordered by the Johnson County District Court to the DOC as a condition of their probation. The ARC also provides work-release services for state and county inmates as an alternative to incarceration and as a transition to post-supervision or time-served release. In addition, the ARC operates a six-month drug treatment program that can accommodate up to 50 residents, who typically have extensive histories of using alcohol and/or other drugs.

ARC residents live in one of three housing units, two of which are co-ed. They wear street clothes, live in dorm-style rooms with other residents, and move freely about the facility and in the community during the day. The typical length of stay for an ARC resident is 90 to 180 days. ARC residents are encouraged to seek medical and mental health care in the community as needed. ARC staff also work with local providers to deliver medical and mental health care at the facility.

The Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)

The JDC is a 102-bed secure detention facility that houses youth ages 10 to 17. It is a short-term holding facility for males and females, though it does not operate co-ed housing units. The JDC holds a number of populations: pre-adjudicated youth in custody who are awaiting a detention hearing; adjudicated youth awaiting sentencing; youth placed in secure confinement due to violations of probation or court orders; youth placed in secure confinement because of outstanding warrants pending further judicial review; and youth in the custody of the Juvenile Services Division of the Kansas Department of Corrections who are awaiting out-of-home placement or commitment to a state juvenile correctional facility.

The JDC consists of two housing units where youth, who wear uniforms, receive direct supervision from custody staff 24 hours a day: a maximum-custody unit that houses youth classified as moderate-high-to-high-risk and a low-to-moderate-risk housing unit. Lower-risk youth live in rooms that resemble the dorm-style living quarters at the ARC, whereas rooms in the maximum-custody units more closely resemble jail or prison cells. A typical length of stay is approximately 18 days, but can vary due to a person’s circumstances and case. Youth at the JDC receive medical and mental health care on-site.

The JDC is subject to more external oversight than the ARC is. If a youth reports being sexually assaulted while in DOC custody, the DOC must notify the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF—the child protective-service program), and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE—the state licensing agency for any program providing services to children). Both agencies can conduct investigations if their administrators so choose. DCF also runs the state hotline for reporting abuse and neglect. Any youth or a third party can report sexual assault by calling the hotline.

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